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Spanking Tracey Part 2
By Deviantdesires

Mandy and Trish sat in the bedroom of their friend Shelly discussing their revenge on Tracey for spanking their bare bottoms in front of the class.

“You and Trish are in charge of the student charity fair this year right?” Shelly inquired, to which both girls nodded with inquisitive looks.

“I have a perfect plan then,” Shelly remarked. Mandy and Trish listened as Shelly picked up the phone and spoke to someone. Instructing the two girls to follow her they made their way to a two story house a few blocks away. Heading to the rear of the house they met a tall, sandy haired boy with glasses.

“Girls, this is Pete. He is a science geek, but he has come up with something that I think will be perfect for your little plan with Tracey Smith,”Shelly quipped. The three girls followed Pete inside a darkened garage where he turned the lights on to reveal a well equipped work shop.

Walking over to a nearby table he picked up a T-shirt and hung it on a peg so everyone could easily see it.

“This is an every day shirt made from standard fibers that can be purchased anywhere,” Pete remarked. “Now watch this,” he remarked as he picked up a jar containing some sort of clear liquid and with a small brush applied it to the shirt. The girls all watched as the liquid quickly dried.

Pete then took the shirt and dunked it into a tub of water nearby and hung it back up. The girls watched with mouths agape and wide eyed wander as the shirt slowly began disappearing before their eyes.

“I have developed a formula that reacts to the fabric in such a way that it literally causes it to disintegrate. Anyone wearing this article, or any article that this has been applied to, will soon find their clothing disappearing from their body and would be totally helpless to prevent it, “ Pete remarked.

“What about the water?” Mandy remarked.

“That is one drawback. The formula does not work unless introduced to water. The water and the formula cause a reaction that destroys the fabrics' integrity and the article of clothing fades to nothing,” Pete remarked.

“But I don't see how this will...”Trish began to remark before being interrupted by Shelly.

“The dunking booth silly. All we have to do is get Mrs. Smith to volunteer to be the victim on the dunking booth. We will have a special uniform made and just before having her dress in it, we will saturate it with Pete's formula. Once she gets a few dunks into the pool, the uniform will slowly begin to fade and before you know it Tracey Smith will be butt naked in front of hundreds of people,” Shelly beamed.

Mandy and Trish looked at each other with devious grins. The plan was perfect. “The best part is that we can keep her in that booth bare ass naked for several hours if we play our cards right,” Mandy remarked.

“Yes,” Trish giggled. “We can conveniently lose the keys to the cage or something. Imagine Tracey, dripping wet, her naked breasts jiggling around as she tries desperately to hide her nudity from everyone, and she will not be able to get out with the cage locked, she will be at our mercy” she quipped in delight.

“Perfect plan,” Mandy remarked. “Tomorrow we will pay principal Chambers a visit as the charity fair committee and all but demand Mrs. Smith's participation,” Mandy continued.


Principal Chambers leaned back in his chair as he listened to Mandy and Trish give the details of the upcoming event.

“Every year we have the most wonderful and spirited involvement from the teachers who volunteer for the various events. But there is one teacher that has never volunteered...Tracey Smith. We were hoping you could speak to her for us. We need a volunteer for the dunking booth this year. It is not fair to other teachers that she misses every year,” Mandy remarked, clearly setting the bait for their planned revenge.

“Why...uhhh...yes, of course. I will speak to her regarding that,” principal Chambers remarked, a little embarrassed that one of his teachers would not participate in the event to benefit the student body.

Mandy and Trish left the office snickering in delight as they walked down the hallway. “Once we get confirmation that Tracey has agreed to sit in the dunking booth, we will head down to the costume shop and get a really tight fitting outfit for the bitch to wear,” Trish relayed to the ever smiling Mandy.

“This is going to be so much fun..for everyone except Tracey that is,”Mandy snorted in glee.


“Mrs. Smith, it has been brought to my attention that you have never participated in the charity fair we have for the students each year,” principal Chambers remarked.

Tracey looked at him with an ashen face, a little embarrassed to admit it. “Well, I do apologize, but it seems that I am always busy during the event. I simply have not found the time available,” Tracey replied, hoping her weak explanation would suffice.

“Well, you know this event is needed to raise money for the various trips and things the students look forward to. You not participating in them is simply not fair to the other teachers, let alone it shows you are not concerned for the students. I happen to know that the committee is in need of a volunteer to be in the dunking booth this year. Can I count on you Mrs. Smith?” Chambers remarked as he raised an eyebrow and awaited her answer.

“The dunking booth?” Tracey replied nervously. I..don't have a bathing suit sufficient for that event, “Tracey replied.

“A suit will be provided for you. We don't expect you to bring your own clothing. You can have full access to the faculty showers afterward. Don't want you catching a cold going home sopping wet, “ Chambers replied with a giddy laugh.

Tracey had drawn a blank, and simply had no excuse this year. She reluctantly agreed, but was even more apprehensive when principal Chambers informed her that he would have Mandy and Trish get with her on the details.

“Mandy and Trish!?” Tracey replied hesitantly. “But sir, there may be a problem there. I was forced to discipline them in class. They may be seeking some sort of revenge on me,”Tracey replied.

“Rubbish!”Chambers thundered. “This is a charity event. Hundreds, if not thousands of people will visit it. How could they possibly plan any revenge on you Mrs. Smith?” Chambers inquired.

Tracey left the office certain that there was mischief in the works, but she had no choice to go through with the agreement.

After school that evening she met up with the three girls who drove downtown to the costume shop. They all headed for the changing room while waiting on the clerk to bring the outfit they had selected for Tracey to try on. The clerk soon pushed the curtains back and walked in with a silver one piece outfit. The material was shiny and could be accessed by a single zipper running up the side.

“Try it on luv, let's see how it fits,”Mandy quipped at the nervous Tracey. Who held the suit up and inspected it.

“I will never be able to fit into this thing,”Tracey replied sheepishly.

“It is meant to be tight. You will look like a super hero, “Trish giggled.

“Well, let me see how it fits,”Tracey quipped. I will yell at you when I have it on,” she instructed, trying to lay a hint for the girls to leave her dress in private.

“No need for modesty. Just us girls here.” Shelly teased as they waited anxiously to see how trashy the uniform made Tracey look.

“You will not be able to wear any bra or knickers under it either, the lines will show,” Trish quipped.

Tracey reluctantly removed her clothes until she stood completely naked before the leering eyes of the girls. She hurriedly squeezed herself into the tight outfit and zipped it up. Looking in the mirror, she had to admit that it showed her figure very well, in fact, it accented everything. Her 38DD breasts were pushed tightly together making them appear even larger. The crotch hugged her shaved pussy so tight that the camel toe was clearly visible, and her ass looked simply erotic as it hugged the material.

“This is way too tight,”Tracey remarked to the girls as she circled and primped in front of the mirror.

“Nonsense, it is perfect, “ Trish replied as she playfully slapped Tracey's ass. “We want to get the guys excited so they will line up and buy tickets for a chance to dunk you,” she continued. “Each booth will be trying to attract the most customers. At the end of the day, the booth that has collected the most money will receive a matching donation from the school board, and we intend to win,” she continued.

Unable to persuade the girls that it was too tight, she eventually relinquished and the girls paid for the outfit. The event was the following weekend and they dropped Tracey off at her house.

“That silly cow has no idea what she is in for, “ Mandy remarked as the they drove down the street laughing gleefully at the humiliation that awaited Tracey.


It was Saturday morning, the day of the charity fair and Pete cautiously made his way along the rows of attractions and tents that had been erected. Finding the one that housed Tracey's outfit he looked around to make sure no one was there and applied a generous amount of his formula to the entire suit, taking careful precaution not to miss any spot. The trap was now set and he disappeared as quickly as he had entered.

Mandy, Trish, and Shelly strolled up to the dunking booth to ensure everything was ready. The pool was filled with water and Mandy climbed a ladder to test the device. Reaching over , she shoved the round trigger that was the target for the balls the contestants would throw, and sure enough the wooden plank on which Tracey would be sitting gave way, ensuring her plunge to the water beneath, and the inevitable loss of her uniform. The girls looked at other with twisted delight at what lay ahead.

Tracey arrived and was escorted to the tent which house her uniform. Taking it to the Staff showers and restrooms inside the school, she slowly and nervously dressed. Crowds were already forming along the midway to take part in the various attractions. As Tracey made her way to through the crowds, she was met with gawking stares and various comments regarding her skin tight uniform. She blushed with shame, yet she found the attention an odd sort of turn on.

“Here she comes!” Mandy snickered as the three girls turned to watch Tracey approach them. The best sight was from the rear as Tracey's ample ass moved like jelly inside the tight uniform.

“You look splendid,”Trish remarked as the three girls led Tracey towards the cage to which she would enter the attraction.

“In you go,” Many remarked as she held the cage door open.”You simply climb the ladder and sit on that wooden plank. Each contestant will be given a ball and will be allowed three shots. If the ball hits that round trigger just right, the plank will release you into the water below. You will then climb back up the ladder and await the next contestant. A towel is up there to wipe the water out of your eyes,” she further instructed.

“How long do I have to stay in here?” Tracey asked as she slowly entered the cage, cringing when she watched Mandy lock it behind her.

“Until the crowds die down. A few hours I would think. Remember it is for the benefit of the students. They will love you for doing this,” Trish remarked, clearly buttering Tracey up.

What Tracey did not know was that word had spread of the diabolical plan, and the other students assured Mandy and the girls that they would keep principal Chambers and the other staff busy on the other side of the fair, giving them plenty of time to further humiliate Tracey.

Tracey slowly climbed the ladder and plopped down on the wooden beam facing the midway. Already she could see a line forming as both male and females waited for a chance to send Tracey into the water below. The first ball was thrown and Tracey gave a collective sigh of relief, as all three pitches came no where near the target. The next contestant was the pitcher for school's baseball team and the first pitch hit the target dead on. Tracey felt the plank give way and she was soon falling the short distance to pool below


A plume of water formed above as Tracey sunk beneath it. The crowd was cheering wildly as she surfaced and shook her drenched hair from her eyes. She was thankful that water temperature was mild and not frigid as she swam for the ladder and began the trek back up to the plank. Resetting it, she once again sat down. As she did, she felt the uniform contracting as if it was shrinking, but decided it was probably the fabric reacting to the wetness of the water. The next two balls missed and as Tracey waited for the next contestant, she saw the sleeves of the uniform began to simply disappear. Something dreadful was happening, she could just feel it.

Her thoughts were distracted by the sound of the bell and once again a lucky shooter had hit the mark and Tracey went plummeting to the water below. As she surfaced, she could feel the fabric shrinking from the ankles upwards and she rushed over the fence and frantically waved for one of the girls.

“What is it!!” Mandy remarked as she stood impatiently looking through the fence at the drenched Tracey.

“The uniform is shrinking. Something is wrong with it, you have to stop the contest,” Tracey bellowed as she clutched the wired cage. Even now the fabric continued shrinking up her legs baring her knees as inch by inch it simply faded away.

“Stop the contest? Have you lost your mind. Look at this crowd, we are going to make a lot of money, now get your ass back up on that plank,” Mandy scolded.

“But, you don't understand. If this keeps up I will be...”

“Naked.?” Mandy teased as she leaned into the fence; her voice becoming more sinister.“Yes Mrs. Smith that is exactly what is going to happen. That suit has been treated with a special compound and soon you will be bare ass naked before the entire crowd, and the best part is you can't get out. The cage is locked and only we have the keys. We can keep you in here for hours while we collect tons of money,” Mandy continued to deride.

The crowd was getting restless and began yelling in the background as the two other girls rushed over to see what the problem was. “It will only be a matter of time before Chambers comes over here. He will not be happy that you bailed out with such a large crowd of potential donors on hand,” Shelly threatened.

“Get on with Mrs. Smith. This is payback for pulling down our panties in front of the entire class. Take your punishment like an adult,” Trish sneered.

As the three girls stood glaring at Tracey, she suddenly saw the treachery of it all. They were going to humiliate her in public and there was little Tracey could do to prevent it.

The more the uniform gave way, the more rowdy and determined the crowd became to dunk the hapless Tracey. Realizing she was trapped, she reluctantly climbed the ladder again, dreading the moment when there would be nothing left to hide her body.. Sitting on the wooden plank awaiting the next pitch, she watched the uniform become smaller and smaller. The next pitch found its mark and once again Tracey plunged into the water below. As she sunk beneath the water, the uniform simply disappeared. The gold colored zipper floated to the surface and Tracey was now completely naked.

The crowd was ecstatic and news of the naked girl on the dunking booth spread like wild fire. Dozens and dozens of people lined up to get a chance to dunk poor Tracey. The worst part of the ordeal was having to climb back up the ladder. Her bare back side and ample ass clearly displayed to the perverse crowd of denizens.

If there was a streak of luck it was that the sun was out in full force and the day was warm, and that gave Tracey a bit of time to dry off before the next lucky ball hit the trigger. Still, as she sat on the wooden plank like a bird on a perch, she was fully aware of the cameras clicking away below and the taunts and jeers of the crowd. She tried desperately to keep her legs together to shield her bald cunny. A female soft ball pitcher now stood ready to throw the ball and after the second pitch sent Tracey once again into the brink.

Dripping wet, and her hair matted, Tracey ran to the fence and motioned frantically for Mandy to come over to the cage.

“What is it now, for heavens sake!” Mandy barked.

“I...I need to pee,” Tracey remarked as she slightly crouched and attempted to hide her naked body from the sea of gawking people. She truly did need to go, but she was more hoping for one good break to flee this awful contest and go home.

“Oh, grow up,” Mandy snorted. “look at that line. There are dozens of people waiting for a chance to dunk you, You are the hit attraction. We are making more money than ever before, now get back on that platform. You can pee in the water, no one will know, “ Mandy snorted as she walked away giggling to herself.

As Tracey slowly climbed the ladder once again, her brain was trying to figure a way out of here. The lines were only getting bigger. This would go on for hours. Sitting on the wooden plank, she carefully studied the fencing around her. A round metal bar framed the fence near the top on the outside. She could stand on it and jump safely to the grassy mounds below without threat of injury. It took her several moments to get the courage, but she eventually stood up and in a flash scaled the fence.

Mandy and Trish took off to intercept her while Shelly manned the booth. The crowd was yelling wildly Tracey made her getaway. Oblivious to the face that she was totally naked, Tracey made a bee line for a row of service tents nearby with Mandy and Trish in hot pursuit. The image of a naked Tracey bolting up the midway would be forever etched in some of the crowds minds.

Dunking into the darkness of a tent, she cowered in the corner beneath a table. The two girls rushed in behind her and frantically searched the tent, but Tracey was able to stay secluded and they eventually left. Breathing a sigh of relief Tracey slowly made her way towards the rear of the tent to make the dash to the school where she could get her clothes and get out of this horrible place.

She was just about to exit when a male voice spoke from behind. “Well, what do we have here ?”

Tracey shrieked aloud and whirled around to find not one, but two burly maintenance men standing there gawking at her body.

“I don't know Charley, but she is old enough to know better than to run around naked, don't you think?” one of the men teased to the other.

“Please, let me go, Tracey remarked as she used her arms to cover her breast and crotch. “I am just trying to get into the school and get dressed, “ she blurted out to them in desperation.

“You should not be naked in the first place. I think she needs to be punished,” The other man remarked.

“Yes, I agree, and I think there is a proper paddle lying around here somewhere,” the other man named Charley chimed in.

“Paddle? Oh no, please, you can't be serious,” Tracey replied, unable to believe her luck, much less the new found wetness now forming between her legs at the thought a proper paddling by two strange men on her naked ass.

“You can take your punishment from us, or we will call security and you will be arrested. Besides, if you are a good girl, we will see you get into the school ok,” The other man remarked.

Tracey realized again that she had little choice in her predicament. She certainly did not want to be arrested for indecent exposure, and yet the thought of a bare bottom spanking was making her more aroused by the minute.

“Ok, you can spank me, but then you have to get me into the school unmolested and undetected,” Tracey remarked nervously, shocked at the words that came from her own mouth.

“Deal, now bend over and lock your hands around your ankles Miss,” one of the men commanded.

It all seemed so decadent, yet fully arousing as Tracey bent over. Her naked bottom and shaved pussy now displayed to the two strange men who were about to spank her.

She felt one of the man's burly hand roam across her warm butt cheeks and nearly came from his touch. Each man gave Tracey three sound licks with the paddle while taking ample time to enjoy the erotic sight before them. Once the spanking was done, they placed Tracey into the back of a golf cart and drove her to the school.

Inside the staff restroom Tracey let the hot water engulf her body. She slumped against the shower stall and gave her drenched pussy some needed relief as the images of the spanking filled her mind. It turned out not to be such a bad ordeal after all...

The End.

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